Thermal Drift
Thermal drift is the changes in the normal operational behavior of a device due to changes in ambient temperature. Semiconductors are very sensitive and critical to temperature changes, rising above certain normal room temperatures. That is why in the circuit design, some temperature controlling or temperature compensations are made and included to ensure that operational stability of the device during use is maintaine. Otherwise circuit failure will be encountered as a result to thermal drifts in the device operating characteristics.

Drift caused by internal heating of equipment during normal operation or by changes in external ambient temperature. Fluctuations in sensor coil temperature will affect the output of inductive linear displacement sensors. This is primarily due to the affect the temperature has on the electrical properties of the wire used to manufacture the coil. System output changes due to changes in sensor temperature, lag very little. A simple charting of sensor temperature compared to system output will help to determine if change in sensor temperature is the cause.